Metal Chaos Ensemble with Guests 

                                        - Expanded Dimensions

Unity on the River, Amesbury MA



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Metal Chaos Ensemble - Extended Dimensions

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1)  Oxidation 56:14
     Evil Clown Headquarters ‐ 9/6/2015

PEK - tenor saxophone, contra-alto clarinet, metal, recorder, daiko, aquasonic 
Yuri Zbitnov - drums, metal, composition 
Andria Nicodemou - vibes, metal 
Kevin Dacey - metal, daiko 
Catherine “Axemunkee” Capozzi - guitar 

Unity on the River Choir 
Maura Lynch - director, lead soprano, keyboards, recorder, composition 
Sopranos: Catherine Erickson, Judi Hajjar, Lori Vesowate 
Altos: Cheri Gaudet, Lisa Pelonzi, Cheryl Resler 
Baritones: Wayne Flewelling, Will Lojek and Barry Siegel 

Positive RePercussions (hand drums) 
John Felice (director), Anne Bryer, Marty Nowland, 
Nancy Jones, Jennifer Covel

Evil Clown ​

​On Leap of Faith: "Alien yet familiar, bizarre yet completely fascinating. Expanding, contracting, erupting, settling down, always as one force..." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

On Metal Chaos Ensemble: "... ​using unique strategies to yield densely active and eerily surreal music, an incredible excursion through experimental improvisation."   - Squidco website staff