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Photos by Raffi

Mekaniks is collaboration featuring Mission Creep/Teledubgnosis sonic wizard, Gregory Damien Grinnell, Yuri Zbitnov, and PEK. 

While sharing the same improvisatory ethos as other groups in the EC roster, Mekaniks distinguishes itself by featuring cutting-edge looping, sampling and electronic processing as a centerpiece of their sound. 

With a sound that hints at musique concrète, industrial, as well as the pioneering electronic experiments of Stockhausen, Xenakis, Henry, and Sun Ra, Mekaniks retains an identity all its own. Mekaniks is pushing the frontiers of electronic, psycho-sonic, transdimensional exploration.  

PEK - 7/15/2016

Mekaniks - Videos & Photos

2016 to present


Photo by Raffi, Tweak by PEK

Pek Tweek of a Rob Miller photo

Evil Clown ​

​On Leap of Faith: "Alien yet familiar, bizarre yet completely fascinating. Expanding, contracting, erupting, settling down, always as one force..." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

On Metal Chaos Ensemble: "... ​using unique strategies to yield densely active and eerily surreal music, an incredible excursion through experimental improvisation."   - Squidco website staff