The Evil Clown back-catalog project is largely complete, but has slowed down a bunch due to the amount of current activity…  It will likely take another 6 months or so to completely finish, but is probably 90% is done and posted at the Evil Clown bandcamp page here:

The following ensembles are represented:
     Boston Improvisors’ Collective – 4 albums
     Bottom Feeder – 1 album
     Equalibrium – 1 album
     Fractal Trance Ensemble – 2 albums
     Free Trance Ensemble – 2 albums
     Leap of Faith – 48 albums
     Leaping Water Trio – 6 albums
     Mental Notes – 18 albums containing digital files (all at least 2 hours) – more coming
     Metal Chaos Ensemble – 4 albums
     PEK and the Pointy Toes Ensemble – Expansions – A data DVD containing all three 90 minute                

                                                  performances of the work along with the score, photos and other extras.
     PEK Solo – 3 albums
     Raqib Hassan Ensembles – 1 album with several more pending
     Wind – 4 albums – more coming

Also coming, but requiring more work, PEK tape music with Mike “Space” Grialou from the late 80s, and a few other miscellaneous items…


Metal Chaos Ensemble has also been busy – We now have four releases under our belt and we have welcomed our third regular member Tamora Gooding on metal percussion.  - Duet with PEK and Yuri - Duet with PEK and Yuri - Trio with PEK, Yuri and

                                                                brilliant guitarist Catherine Capozzi – newest session welcoming Tamora Gooding

                                                                along with PEK, Yuri, and special guest guitar genius Tony Savarino

The next MCE set is coming soon and will feature electronics wizard Bill T Miller of Orgy of Noise!!​

Further up the road:

Leap of Faith will be playing at Francis Bradley’s Revolution Arts in Brooklyn on 15 August 2015.  We’re still working out the details, but we think the second act will be guitarist Shoshke-Rayzl.  As usual, the two groups will do three sets.  Stay tuned for more details.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to do an afternoon set at Downtown Music Gallery on Sunday the 16th before trekking back to Boston.

The next Lily Pad show will be on Tuesday 4 August.  We’re still working out the details, but we have invited the extrodinary dark improvisation trio Gate from New York – this impressive groups is an amplified tuba, bass and drums trio – I can’t wait to hear the combined septet of Leap of Faith at the Gate!

There has been a lot of activity at Evil Clown in the last month or so….

Leap of Faith had our first performance following our long hiatus at the Lily Pad in Cambridge on 5 May…

We used our old performance paradigm from the 90s Zeitgeist shows of two bands playing 3 sets….   The other group was Glynis’ trio New Language Collaborative with pianist Eric Zinman and drummer Yedidyah Syd Smart…   NLC played a set, then LOF played a set, then both groups played together.

Keith Martin came up from New York and shot video which he and Kevin Reilly posted on UTube…  we ran out of storage in the camera during  the third set, but the other two sets are posted here: 

Set 1:  New Language Collaborative

Set 2 - Leap of Faith

 As usual, we got an excellent recording of the entire show which is available for streaming and download on two discs at Bandcamp…

Newly recorded Leap of Faith albums from earlier this year…

Paul Acquaro wrote an excellent review of this album here:

And two albums recorded at Studio 234 and Evil Clown Headquarters:


Metal Chaos Ensemble will be playing at

Sonic Osmosis at the Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery & More  541 Mass. Ave., Cambridge  on Weds June 3

This is going to be sort of a free bag hootenany with various bands and audience participation – I’m kind of excited to see how this comes out…

Facebook event at

Evil Clown Newsletter 17 May 2015….

Upcoming Shows!  

Leap of Faith alumnus Mark McGrain joins us at a double Leap of Faith show at the Lily Pad in Cambridge on 16 June 2015

Facebook event here:

The show will be

Set 1:  Original Leap of Faith:   PEK – woodwinds, voice; Glynis Lomon – cello, aquasonic, voice; Mark McGrain – trombone; and Yedidyah Syd Smart – drums

Set 2:  Current Leap of Faith:  PEK – woodwinds, voice; Glynis Lomon – cello, aquasonic, voice; Steve Norton – woodwinds; Yuri Zbitnov – percussion, voice

Set 3:  Both groups together

Evil Clown Newsletter 5/17/2015

​On Leap of Faith: "Alien yet familiar, bizarre yet completely fascinating. Expanding, contracting, erupting, settling down, always as one force..." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

On Metal Chaos Ensemble: "... ​using unique strategies to yield densely active and eerily surreal music, an incredible excursion through experimental improvisation."   - Squidco website staff

Evil Clown ​